Belleau Wood Brewing Company... Where community becomes family!
Belleau Wood Brewing Company... Where community becomes family!
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We Opened March 21st 2020! 

Belleau Wood Brewing Co. started off as a 1 barrel small batch brewery and even through a pandemic we have grown into a 3 barrel small batch brewery and taproom in downtown Lillington, NC where both locals and visitors can enjoy delicious beers in a casual, fun, and family-friendly setting.

The Name

Are you wondering why Belleau Wood (Bell-Ah Wood) for our name? We know this will be a big question because it isn’t your typical “brewery name”.

We see this brewery as part of our family. Literally like adding a 4th child into our life and we want it to be a microcosm of us. As the Dunton’s we are a patriotic former USMC family! We love God, America and our Family... We wouldn't be a typical family with out a dog, or two.

Dan Daly our Plott Hound was named after a Marine who fought at the battle of Belleau Wood. Smedley Darlington Butler our little Boston Terrier was also named after a marine who fought in that same battle. Both of those Marines won two medals of honor and it happens to be one of Kevin's favorite battle moments in the USMC history. Some might find it cheesy, but it totally fits us and our story in how we became a .

The Marines also earned their title Devil Dog at the battle and still have a fountain in Belleau Wood, France honoring that title still today.

Who We Are

We’re a husband and wife team who grew up in two different worlds. Kevin is from Sunny Southern California and Jenny May is a local girl who grew up in Willow Springs, NC. They met while Kevin was in the Marine Corps and have been married for 10 years now. We have three beautiful children, and a mini farm they are proud to care for.

We’re so excited to bring our dream to life in the community of Lillington. Jenny May has been telling Kevin for 4 years that when we finally move back to NC (a dream she never knew would come true), Lillington would be the town. She felt it in her bones (I guess). We believe in the value of community and keeping to the roots of our value. [[ God | Family | Country | Community | Beer ]]

When we are not working on this business we try and get outdoors as much as possible. You never know if you will find us in the mountains or at the beach. We thrive in both environments and honestly just soak up all of Gods beauty hiking, paddle boarding or exploring new towns and all they have to offer.

We made a point not to take on any outside of family partners or investors in order to ensure we’re able to run Belleau Wood the way we want to, sticking to our values and never compromising on quality. Thank you for reading this long about page, and know we are so blessed to have you apart of our brewery family.

The Beer

We’ll brew on-site and serve a variety of beer styles, such as:

  • Hop Lover favorites such as IPAs and pale ales
  • Sours - Mrs BelleauWood loves ‘em and knows you will too. We’ll have classic kettle sours, and plan to grow into barrel and long aged sours when the chance comes.
  • Seasonal beers, like stouts in the winter or a spring saison
  • Stronger beers such as Imperial Stouts or Belgian Strong ales
  • Traditional History filled style beers to fulfill Kevin and Jenny May’s love for history and all things traditional
  • Experimental brews which will be fun for us to make and fun for you to try!

The Food

Currently we carry snack food in the tap room along with Soda's for purchase or free with kiddos that come along with you. 

We allow all food options to be brought in to help with comfort and different diet needs. Currently all out food truck operations have been suspended until an agreement can be made with the town for further use of them on the private lot next to Belleau Wood Brewing Co.

The Space

Bright natural light fill our taproom with the rich filled history as this building is lovingly known around town as the old tractor building and we plan to keep as much history as we can. We have seating for about 45 at our half compacity inside. You'll find out repurposed poured concrete bar, quaint and simple tables, and in our side room (which is planned to be an event space for private tastings and craft nights). A small area is set aside for kids, and our brewing area is visible from inside the taproom. We have a couple TVs to on request provide some game day footage and outside we have future plans to have seating under a pergola to enjoy the beautiful southern air.