Beer Bonds

We were blow away by the support of our first week open, but with the decision of helping to protect our community in supporting with the Shelter in Place act we thought what would be an amazing way for all our beer lovers out there to still help this brewery grow and thrive during the shutdown. A bond purchase provides a boost in income of the beer industry that are suffering in the wake of mandated closures, regulations and curfews. Your investment allows us to ensure grain orders can be made, small hop and yeast companies can keep thriving and we can continue our operations and production get ready for the beer bell to ring as soon as we have made it to the other side of this whole mess. You, as a dedicated part of this community, can invest in the future of our brewery and the craft beer industry now, at a savings.

 Similar to a savings bond, a Belleau Wood Brewing Company beer bond will mature into a higher value over a period of time. It is to be purchased now and redeemed at a later date. The bond is redeemable at the option of the owner from June 1, 2020, to June 21, 2021. Only applicable on beer or mug club member purchases. Value is honored at time of first redemption date and will not mature thereafter. At maturity date, this bond will be converted to a gift card of bonds full value and will be ready for pick up at the brewery. We know that your income can be spent anywhere and the least we can do is offer this option to help fund your future beer purchases here at Belleau Wood Brewing Co. Bonds will be sold in values of beer purchases. Starting at a single pint price to a table full of pints. $6, $12, $24, $36, $60 and $72. You may purchase several bonds, or you may purchase just one.


For purchasing of the bonds, please email leave your contact information and we will follow up a link on purchasing. 


Thank you again, and we are counting down the days to life returns to normal. Cheers, Kevin and Jenny Dunton.