Help us in reaching our goal, purchase your pre-sale items today!
Help us in reaching our goal, purchase your pre-sale items today!
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How You Can Help!

Here we go…

We’re so close to seeing our dream of opening a brewery and taproom come true, but we need your help to make it happen.

How can you help, there are a few different options, purchasing our pre-sale items or donate to the cause.Many items will be available for pick-up before or by Christmas! For those that aren't, we'll send an image to include in a card.


Thanks in advance for backing our project. We appreciate your support!




What We Need

We’re aiming to raise at around $20,000, which will go to:

  • Sound System
  • Lounge Seating Area
  • Outdoor Drinking Space
  • Aesthetics Improvements to make the space perfect for our community
  • Unforeseen Construction Costs

Once we start seeing some purchases we plan to keep a weekly log of our pre-sale crowdfunding to keep everyone in the loop. 

If we exceed our goal, we really want to invest in a Crowler Machine so we can send you off with 32oz. of freshly-canned beer right out of the taproom.

We can’t tell you how often we heard, you are biting off more than you can chew with that dream. But we literally walked away from a secure life style in California to follow our dreams and show our kids that there is never a dream to far out of reach if you are willing to work twice as hard for it. 

## We did run into some issues during our investigation of the building before purchasing but the issues were not scary enough to walk away from the building. It just made the task a little bit trickier. But we believe if we can spread the word, and get everyone decked out in some Belleau Wood Brewing gear we can continue to move mountains. ##

Other Ways You Can Help

If a monetary contribution isn’t feasible for you right now, we’d still immensely appreciate your help to spread the word about our project.

  • Share this link on any social media channels you use
  • Keep Spreading the word to local friends and family that we’ll be opening soon
  • Once we open, come check us out and leave us a review on Google, Yelp, or Untapped

Pre-Sale "PERK" Details

In addition to the warm-and-fuzzies you’ll get knowing that you’re bringing us one step closer to our dream and you one step closer to holding a pint of Belleau Wood beer in your hand, we’ve lined up some awesome items for you to claim as a thank you. Check out the Pre-Sale Page

You can also always make a donation without claiming a reward if you’re feeling just that generous. Or, if you want to contribute a higher amount but claim a reward that's listed for less, just let us know - we'll be happy to accommodate.

Some items we expect to have before opening but if you’re hoping to give one of the rewards as a Christmas gift and it won’t arrive in time we are happy to get you a printable image and certificate that you can include in a card. 

We'll be setting up a few pickup times before opening when you can swing by the brewery to get your items.  (Use Code localpickup for a free shipping option.)


With every purchase, we will add each buyers name in a drawing for a mug club membership + one for a friend. $10 purchase = 1 entry in the drawing.

If you decide to purchase a mug club and then win a free mug club we can discuss options about either upgrading the membership, gifting the membership or keeping it for your next years due.