Belleau Wood Brewing Company... Where community becomes family!
Belleau Wood Brewing Company... Where community becomes family!
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Mug Club Memberships

The Mug Club Memberships are now open for the 2021 year. To Purchase online, check out our products page.

2021 Mug Will be a brand new color and design, but still the quality y'all love <3


The yearly “Mug Club” is $150 a year!

The goods you will receive as a mug club member are…

-1 handcrafted in the USA pottery mug (18oz as they vary in size due to being handmade) New Design for 2021 members!!

-Free mug parking at the brewery with Mug # Specific

-Mug Club only Events (When Governor Cooper allows them again....)

- Discount on all merchandise

- Discount on brewery events

-You pay regularly pour price of a beer in your larger mug (exp. $6 for 16oz normally) 

 - Birthday beer

-discount on party cooler rental for kegs (take Belleau Wood with you at home 4 taps avail.)

-Access to Mug Club only Facebook Group

-Which is where we will post about new beers available only to y’all

-Special Events only for you as members (Temporarily suspended due to the coved monster, but we try and squeeze in as much special privileges as we can )

-Special Pricing on events and souvenirs.


The Founders “Mug Club”  is no longer available for purchase... 



Info for Renewals... We will be offering pro rated pricing for mug member renewals. We did not open till March and will be offering that 3 month difference in the membership pricing Since we are trying to roll these new mugs out in January.

**If you purchased a membership for 2020 and there were complications due to covid please give us a call 984-289-7011or email and we can communicate how to proceed on the membership cost.  

Please send us back any questions you may have about the mug clubs! 

Thanks for believing in us, 

Jenny and Kevin Dunton

Co-Owners of Belleau Wood Brewing Co.





Rules and Guidelines

Member must be 21 years of age or older. We will check ID when you come in for your first beer! Membership will last for 12 months but will start whenever we are officially open. That means you may get an extra two months as we are estimating to open November to December. Members must show their Mug Club ID tag or provide their Mug Club member number to redeem benefits. Members will have first dibs on renewal for the next year at same year rate and will receive a new style mug every year of purchase. If you choose not to renew, you can take your mug home at the end of the membership year. Only the Mug Club member shall drink beer from their Mug (i.e., no buying your friends beers at the discounted rate). If your glass breaks, we will immediately replace it with another mug as quickly as possible. If we are at fault, you will not be charged. If you are at fault for the breakage, cost to replace is $25. As with all guests at our taproom, we will not serve you if you’re drunk. If you cause issues with your behavior in the taproom, we reserve the right to revoke your Mug Club membership.