Yoga Classes

BWBC is proud to offer a space to help other businesses start to grow and thrive. Brewery and Bends will be ran by Airicka Christie. She will be offering Classes/workshops starting the end of April. All class detail will be coming soon.
Classes - 
  • Two Children Age Classes (After School/Homeschool)
  • Adult Classes (Multi-Level)
  • Chakra Classes
  • Business/Team Building Lunch Classes
  • Special Workshops and Events


Classes beginning at $8 for drop in rates. More details to come.

Take a moment to read a little bit bout Air, and how her passion for yoga began and all she hopes to bring to Belleau Wood with the Brewery and Bends class.

I teach yoga for many reasons. Reasons filled by passion to guide students to self care & self love. To guide students to nurture their mind, body, and soul. “ Yoga is not a workout it’s a work in”. I teach yoga because I want others to experience the gift yoga practice has given me.

I was born to live a yogic life. All paths have led me here.  I have spent years of self study and practice to find my path to teaching yoga. I graduated with my 500-hour yoga teacher certification from Zuna Yoga, in Bali Indonesia where I spent over 2 months devoting my life to learn how to instruct yoga. In an intensive immersion training course. I have been guiding students since June 2019. I have also obtained  a certification in Buti Yoga. There’s nothing like sharing what beauty comes from yoga! I’m excited to only further my training, and pass on all knowledge learned through classes with students.

I strive to be a clear & compassionate guide. Creating a nonjudgmental environment that encourages students to feel safe, confident, & accepted. I do my best to give precise & effective cues to get into poses while maintaining the most important part, breath work! In classes, I encourage students to let go of competitiveness, judgments, and distracting thoughts, as they breathe and move mindfully. Focusing on the breath & intention of each pose. Encouraging to bring the awareness to the present moment. Always telling student to honor & listen to their bodies.  There is no need to force ourselves into shapes that are not right for us, everybody is different. In yoga, we cultivate kindness to ourselves and honesty about what we need in the moment.

My mission is to guide students to explore their own yoga, on the four corners of their mat, to develop their very own personal yoga journey and self transformation. Yoga is a journey to finding that balance, both on and off the mat.  All while nourishing yoga stretches and strengthens our bodies. Teaching us the freedom to be still and connects us. It teaches us to honor our true authentic selves and accept our limitations.

May you have peace in the mind.
Strength in the body.
And love within your hearts.
Air Christie