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Belleau Wood Brewing "Founders" Mug Club

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The Founders “Mug Club” is for those die hard ready to dive in to calling this brewery their forever home.

We will be taking a vote on the color glaze for the founder mugs. After purchase you will be added to a facebook group where we will start the conversation about designing our mugs as a group.


The Goods our founders will receive….


-1 Personalized with your name handcrafted “Founders Mug”. 20oz in size.

-Free Mug Parking with dual dog tag id numbers

-Founder only events, early tasting, founder parties and discount in to brewery events.

-Discount on party cooler rental for kegs (take Belleau Wood with you at home 4 taps avail.)

-1 Free Birthday Beer

-Personalized Founder T-shirts 

-10% discount on all merchandise

-10% discount on brewery events

-Pay regular pour price for beer in your larger mug, (exp. $6 for 16oz normally)

-Swag Bag at grand opening event

-Access to Founders Mug Club on Facebook Group*

*Where there will be lots of beer discussions

*Post upcoming beers and early founder release dates

*Special founder only events posted

*Info for the Founders Only soft opening.

-The last perk of your Founders Mug is that for 3 years after the first membership you will receive 3 years of a half price membership. ($75 a year for three years). You will keep your original Founders mug but will also receive the yearly style of “Mug Club” as well.