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Brewer For a Day

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Be the Brewer for the day. (Yes, you heard that right!)

This experience is only redeemable at Belleau Wood Brewing Co. Your brewing experience will include all that it means to be a brewer from recipe planning with head brewer (Kevin), learning and participating in the step by step process of brewing a 1 barrel of beer from raw ingredients to wort (unfermented beer). Then just like any normal brewing day there will be clean up with a 6 pack to take home of course.

You'll be in touch with Kevin after the beer has finished fermenting and it is time to transfer to the kegs you'll come back in to help ( If you would like and scheduling permits ) then you will be proudly able to say you officially have been a guest brewer at Belleau Wood Brewing Co. Once the beer is finished and ready to serve you can come down to the taproom for your personal release party. Bring your friends and family too! You will see your beer on our guest tap handle with a glass waiting for you. 

You will also have a personalized T-Shirt to remember your day by and tons of memories to share.


Your day includes...

-Pre-planning of recipe during brewery operational hours

-1 full day of brewing on professions brewing equipment (1 Barrel)

-1 day of transfer experience

-Personalized Brewer T-shirt 

- Personalized Release Party for friends and family and beer served on a guest tap.